How to use a ‘cardiff language’ app to learn Welsh

By Nick WilliamsIn Cardiff, Wales, the language school Cardiff Language School offers courses to anyone who wants to learn it, and students can start right away with its free online course.

The free app lets you download and use the Welsh-speaking app, but you also get access to free video tutorials and other resources.

The Welsh language is taught by two linguists, as is the Irish language, and Cardiff is known for its cultural and literary achievements.

Cardiff has more than 300 schools in Wales, most of them run by the Welsh government.

For a fee, they also offer language learning services, including the Cardiff language college, which helps students get to grips with Welsh by teaching them to read and write the language.

The app also teaches how to use the word ‘gwendoline’ and other familiar Welsh words.

“We try to make sure that our lessons are structured and that you can read through it,” said Cardiff’s chief executive, Gareth Edwards.

While it’s free to learn the language, Cardiff also charges money to access its free video lessons and other services.

One of the lessons that Cardiff offers is how to pronounce ‘gwen’ and ‘gwyndd’.

The app says: “Gwen means green and ddd means dog, so you can say that in Welsh too.”

The word gwen also means ‘green’ and a Welsh holiday or a ‘gwyndel’, and the word is also a name for a Welsh dog.

Gwyndd means ‘dog’.

The Welsh language can be hard to understand for someone who doesn’t speak it, but Cardiff teaches learners to work through the pronunciation and to use common words and phrases to help them.

This is a bit like using the iPhone’s speech recognition software, says Cardiff founder and Welsh language teacher Gareth Edwards, as the app can give you some information that can help you learn the word.

A lesson that Cardish pupils can take online is called The Word You Are Not Telling Me, and is intended to help students work through what it means to say ‘I’m going to do it this way’.

If you want to study Welsh, Edwards says you need to pay a fee to access the app, and he encourages you to sign up as soon as possible.

Students can start learning Welsh online, and the app also has an online course for learners to take the same course from another Welsh language school.

You can use the app to check out what other learners are learning, and to learn about Welsh grammar and vocabulary.

You can also download the app and start learning it, Edwards said.

English students are learning Welsh in a different way, Edwards added.

They are using their native language, English, to study a language that they can’t understand, but they are also learning a Welsh language that is easier for them to understand.

That means Welsh-language courses are also becoming a popular option for learners, and some students are now taking the opportunity to learn English as their second language.

The first-time learner who starts the Welsh language course at Cardiff says the language can make a big difference.

I’m getting a lot of positive feedback and it’s definitely helped me learn Welsh.

I am really enjoying it.

I feel more confident in myself and I feel a lot more confident about my ability to do something with the language that I know.

He said it was also important to study in Welsh because it was a language he had learned in England.

For many Welsh learners, learning Welsh is a part of the language heritage, and they are grateful to the Welsh people who helped them become fluent.