The new language school in South Korea is the first in the world to use concorde Language Definition

BERMUDA, South Korea — The new school is the only one in the country to use Concorde, the world’s most widely used language for computers and software, as its standard.

It was inaugurated Tuesday by the Bermondda City Government.

The school, which opened at the end of March, has a concordance of 70% and students are now learning the language by reading books and videos.

Its goal is to build the first language school of its kind in South Korean history.

The school will be used to teach more than 100 students in English and Mandarin, a language that has a long history of inter-language communication, such as in Chinese.

“This is a huge step forward in terms of language and culture, as well as the way that people learn and interact with each other,” said Lee Woo-hyun, head of the Berndda City School Language Department.

This is the start of a long journey to create a language school that will bring a sense of belonging and connect students to the people they live and work with, he added.

Bermondda Mayor Kim Jong-hoon was among those who attended the ceremony.

He said the school is helping to revive the city’s culture of learning, while also helping students understand each other’s languages.

It was not clear how many students were enrolled in the school at the time.

North Korean defectors were once barred from enrolling in Bermondds language school.

But since the Korean War ended, many have been allowed to return to the North.

The new school will have more than 50 students.