Lola and her dog learn Italian

Lola, the Italian language dog, is learning Italian.

The adorable German shepherd was recently spotted learning Spanish at a new Italian language school in Rome.

The two-year-old, who is already fluent in the city’s Catalan, Basque and Basquean languages, was spotted practicing in the courtyard of the Lola language school after the dog’s owner decided to move to Rome.

The dog was brought into the school by her owner in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 1, while she was on a field trip.

The school is located in a neighborhood of the historic centre of Rome, which has a reputation for being a hotbed of language learning.

Italian language students are currently on a two-month training course to master the language.

Lola has been with her owner since she was four months old, and she recently won a scholarship to attend the University of Liguria in northern Italy.

She has a full English-language education and is already learning to play the piano.