How to pronounce ‘hallelujah’ at the Helsinki International Language School

Helsinki International School (HIS) is not just an international school.

In fact, its alumni have won a number of awards.

The school, founded in 1903, has grown over the years and has been ranked one of the world’s top ten schools by USA Today.

It’s home to over 300 languages, including Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Sanskrit, and Chinese.HIS has two campuses in Helsinki, one in the capital, Helsinki, and one in Kuopio, a town in northern Finland.

In both cities, the students learn at HIS’s Halkkolan campus.

In 2017, HIS hosted the Helsinki Film Festival, and the Finnish Film Academy was honored for its work on the film “The Big Short.”

The school also hosts a number to films and other productions and events.

The Finnish Academy of Science has awarded the school with the “Mesa Prize” for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, which is awarded annually to the best teaching and learning institutions in Finland.