Guangzhou Language School in China launches new online platform

Shanghai — (AP) Guanghou Language School announced on Tuesday that it will start using the Guangjing network, a new type of cryptocurrency.

The Guangzhong Network, a decentralized network, is a decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning that the transactions are anonymous.

The network will allow teachers and students to exchange digital certificates and test scores for assignments and certificates.

The new platform is also open to any students, teachers and teachers’ parents, and they can start using it now.

The Guangzhen Network is a form of blockchain technology that uses a decentralized model of blockchain, the first one to be adopted globally.

The school in Guangguang city in southwest China, has been operating since last year, and now has 10,000 students.

The new platform has been built on a Guangping blockchain platform that is designed to speed up the exchange of digital certificates.

Guangzhou school is the latest Chinese school to launch its own blockchain-based platform.

The government-owned Guoyuan Technology Technology Corporation is a subsidiary of Guangming Technology Corporation.

There are currently over 3,000 schools and universities in China.

The Chinese government recently approved an online portal to introduce digital certificates, and other Chinese schools have also begun using Guangzheng.

It is a new form of cryptocurrency that uses digital certificates for certificates and testing scores.

This is an example of the decentralized nature of the Guanchang network, which allows students and teachers to exchange certificates and score for assignments.

In the meantime, Guangshan will also be able to register for online course courses and online certificate courses.

The company will also help students get their certificates and exam scores.

This is not the first time Guanchong has made headlines.

The Guangzhong Language School said last year that it was also launching its own digital certificate and test score exchange platform, but it later backed down and said it would only allow students to register through the school website.

“The Guanching network was designed to simplify the exchange and registration process, and will allow all students and school employees to participate in this process.

We are happy to be able announce that Guanchings digital certificate exchange and certificate and exam test registration service will be open to all Chinese learners,” the school said in a statement.

Guangzhang is not a new cryptocurrency, but Guanchagong is the first to use it, according to a blog post published by the Guzheng Language School on Monday.

Guanchzhong is based on the Guanyin Blockchain Network, which has been designed for blockchain-powered applications.

The blockchain protocol, developed by Guanyun Group, is similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Guanyins digital certificate service is a unique service, according the Guzhong language school.

The students and the teachers will receive certificates and scores electronically via a digital certificate.

The digital certificates are also available for exchange for a fee, which is similar in nature to Bitcoin.