Why a startup in the blockchain space needs to speak Spanish

A startup in blockchain is being built by an Icelandic linguist, who wants to make a difference in the language, and is now looking to raise more than $500,000 in a funding round.

The startup, which is called Spanish Language School, has just started its first month of operations, but has already been attracting attention from the world of blockchain startups.

The startup says it is the first of its kind to be powered by blockchain technology, and hopes to help create a global learning network for students in Spanish.

“The language we want to work with is a language that is not only spoken in Iceland, but in all of Latin America and the Caribbean,” said founder Reykjavik’s Ásgeir Jónsdóttir.

“We want to change the paradigm of language learning, and to make this the global learning ecosystem of the future.”

The startup’s website says it will be the first company in the world to offer bilingual learning.

Jórsdótss company was founded by a team of linguists who are working on a number of projects around the globe, including a Spanish language course for students from the US.

Jónss team also wants to build a global platform that can bring together speakers of different languages to exchange and share knowledge, which will ultimately benefit the entire world.

Spanish Language Schools aims to change that.

“In order to understand other cultures and understand their culture, we want that to be a common experience, and that is why Spanish Language is so important to us,” Jóksdótsson said.

“So we think it’s important to make the platform accessible to all.”

Jórss team is currently working on the project, and has raised a total of $500k in the past month. But Jósdónstsson is hoping to surpass that amount in order to make Spanish Language school one of the largest Spanish language learning platforms in the country.

“We want the community to be able to create a platform that is inclusive of all languages,” Jínsdōtsson explained.

“This will be a platform where everybody can share their knowledge.”

Spanish Language School hopes to be the world’s largest Spanish-language learning platform, but it’s not just going to be for English speakers.

Jörnsdötss team has been working on improving Spanish language training in schools around the world, including at an Icelandic language school in Reykjávík, a Spanish-speaking community in California, and in a Portuguese school in Sao Paulo.

Jörnss vision for Spanish Language schools is to bring in speakers from across the globe.

Spanish language learners in the US and Canada could be a potential customer base, and they could also provide the platform with a source of funding, which Jóbsdós hopes to use to support the language learning efforts in other countries.

Spanish Language Schools is already a huge success, and will likely expand further in the future.

JÄrsdottir said that he’s already looking to recruit more Spanish speakers in the United States, but he hopes to expand the company into other countries as well.