How to get a Spanish speaking student visa in Peru

Spanish is a second language in Peru and the Spanish language school in Salzburg, Austria is offering a chance to students from a Spanish-speaking country to study in its language school. 

The school says that over the last few years it has seen an increase in students from Spain. 

In addition to a few Spanish-speakers who are studying in the school, there are also students from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and the United States. 

There are some language learners from other countries as well. 

The school offers Spanish lessons in Spanish for around 80 students a year, which includes an introduction to Spanish and Spanish lessons for a second or third language. 

If the students are good at Spanish, they will be able to learn a Spanish language as a second Language after their first language.

 “If the student has an understanding of the language, they are ready to move on to other subjects,” the school says on its website. 

“There are a few languages that require two years to master, such as Portuguese and Catalan, and some that require three years to learn. 

We encourage students from Spanish- speaking countries to come here and learn and improve their language skills.” 

The English-speaking Spanish students are also expected to study English at the school.

“It is important that we learn from our mistakes, and also learn from the successes,” said Dr Marta Stoltenberg, head of the Spanish Language School in SalZburg. 

It’s not just the students who are getting a Spanish school education. 

A group of children from Spain are also studying at the English school.

They are also part of a study group called the ‘Spanish students of Salzberg’ (RSVSP). 

RSVSS students are the students from the Salzburger Salzung School and Salzstudien Salzsberg. 

 “We are in talks with the parents to have the students come and study here,” said Stolts. 

According to the Spanish Education Ministry, the Salzbühre School of Languages and Culture in Salzbuhre, Germany, was founded in 1924 and has a total of 1,200 students. 

In addition to the Salzerschool, there is also the Salzer Schöneber School, which opened in the summer of 2019. 

At the Salzeschool, students learn Spanish at a regular rate, with a number of classes taking place in English. 

Salzstudie Salzschule Salzspoltenburg is also offering Spanish lessons to Spanish language learners, but it’s not a formal language course. 

Students who attend the Spanish school are encouraged to study their native language and learn a second Spanish language.

“There is a very good reason to study Spanish,” said one of the English-language teachers.

“The children who come to the school and learn Spanish are very good learners.” 

There are also some other Spanish-language schools in the Salzmanburg area. 

There is also a school for children who are interested in learning to be a teacher in the Spanish- and Spanish-medium school, the school for Spanish language teachers, and a Spanish program in the University of Salzman. 

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