‘I was very proud of my children’ after graduation from Waseda University

KAZUYA TAKA, Japan – A school teacher who took home the highest mark in her class was also a proud mother, a new book says.

In her new book, The Voice of Women, the mother of two said she was very honored by her daughter’s accomplishment.

Her daughter, Kanae Nishiyama, earned the highest overall score in her sixth-grade class, which she had previously won in her previous year, and the achievement made her proud, she said.

The new book also said Nishiyamas parents had told her they were proud to have her as a member of their family.

Nishiyama has said she did not expect her achievement to be recognized for the first time, saying she had been told her school was not eligible for the national awards.

In the past, students have often received a special medal in the same year they graduate.

Nishiya Takasawa, whose family has been in the United States for more than 20 years, said the family had hoped to have their daughter awarded the National Medal of Science in the future, but that they had been unable to obtain that award because of her mother’s medical condition.

“I was so proud of Kanaa,” Takasawas mother, Yukio Takasayama, told reporters at her home in Tokyo on Tuesday.

“We have been trying for so long, and for her to have that medal in her hands, that is really special.”

Nishiyama said she would like to see Nishiyas children awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

She has asked the Japanese government to grant her daughter the award.

The book has been translated and released in Japan by the publisher Kodansha, where it has been the best-selling book of 2016.

It has already been translated into English and Russian.