Kerala University’s Northern language school to shut down

Kannur, Kerala: The Kerala University of Technology’s Northern Language School (NLLS) has been closed by the state government citing the lack of funds.

The NLLS is a three-year-old institution that provides education and learning courses in a northern language, which is taught at a level of immersion and immersion-like learning.

The students will be sent to other institutions such as the National Institute of Education, and the government is planning to transfer the students to private institutions.

The government had earlier said it will allocate Rs 1.1 crore for NLLS in the coming financial year and said that the NLLS would be able to operate in the next three months.

The university’s principal Dr V. Srinivasan said, “We will be able run the NLLP.

But there is a possibility of closure.

The NLLS has been in operation for over three decades.

We have a long-standing relationship with the students and we have worked on this project for many years.

But we will not be able at the moment to operate the NLLLP.

There is a gap in the state budget and we need to get the funding in the present fiscal year.”

Srinivasa added that the state has decided to send the students back to the universities in the other state of Kerala.

“We are happy to transfer students back.

But this will be done in a very short time,” he said.

He said that students in the NLLA will get training in the local language.

“The students will learn the local dialect.

The state government has said that it is not planning to send them back.

It is a two-year project and we will be sending them back to other universities,” he added.

In a written reply to queries, the minister said that NLLS will be re-established in the same facility as it was when the NLSL was first established.

He added that there is an option for the students, but they are not planning this right now.

The students are expected to receive a certificate in the language they study.