The latest news from the world of linguistics: Dilit Language School, Zahran Language School & Broadstairs language School are both on the rise

Dilit and Zahran are the latest Australian English language schools to gain international recognition, as the Australian Language Council named their newest high-quality schools the best high-performing schools in the world in their 2017-18 Global Ranking of the best schools for the 21st century.

Zahran is a high-school-based language learning school, while Dilit is a language learning, online learning, and tutoring program.

Dilit, which is located in Sydney, has been rated by the council as one of the world’s best English-medium schools.

“We believe that this new designation is the result of strong investment in both the schools, staff, and facilities,” the council said in a statement.

A spokesperson for Dilit’s Head of Language, Dr Rebecca McLean, said it was a “long-term vision” for Dilt and Zahra to become a world-leading high-performance English-language school.

She said the high-level of instruction provided by the schools would allow students to develop their individual skills and contribute to society.

Dr McLean said Dilit had developed a “strong community of students and staff”.

“Through our extensive and extensive academic programme, Dilit has created an environment where students can build the kind of life and career they want and deserve,” she said.

Ms McLean added that Dilit was working closely with its teachers to create a positive environment for students, staff and parents.

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