How to get into a football club in Tenerife

Tenerifero FC will be taking a little bit of a dip this week, as the club has been forced to cancel their training session due to the Zika virus outbreak. 

“The players are in the same situation,” said Teneriffo coach Luis Silva.

“We will be in a similar situation as before and will try to work as much as possible to get our team back in the shape.” 

“This is a very difficult time for the team and I think everyone is really sorry about the situation we are in,” said defender Luis Silva after the match. 

Teneriferos manager Luis Silva says he is ‘extremely disappointed’ that the team is not playing on Sunday The first game of the season is on Sunday as Teneriffs match against Club Atlético of España kicks off at 7pm. 

The club’s players will be staying home and they will be working to get their team back into shape and ready for their next game, a friendly against Celta Vigo at 2pm on Monday. 

It is the club’s second match in two days as they travel to the Copa del Rey quarterfinal round. 

After the match against Atlétics, TenerIFero will host the Copacabana quarterfinal, a match which will take place on Tuesday. 

Silva also confirmed that the club will be using the Zika outbreak to develop its own training programmes.

“We have some training sessions and some sessions with the local staff and the players,” he said.

“They have all been organised to prepare for this tournament.” 

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