When it comes to learning the language, the internet is your best friend

New York City native and New York native-turned-writer Lauren Hockney is an avid user of the internet.

The 28-year-old’s passion for language is so great that she even has her own website.

Now, she wants to help people find their roots by bringing together people from all around the world to learn a language.

“I have a really big passion for learning a language,” Hock, who works in marketing at the company Yik Yak, told Fortune.

“I’ve been doing this for over two years, so I’ve been a language learner for about two years now.

I’m really excited about bringing these people together.”

The goal of the language-learning program is to introduce people to the language through the internet and by having people from around the globe meet and interact.

“People come to me and they’re like, ‘I’ve never spoken a language before.

What’s this like?’

And I’m like, I’ve never even thought about learning a new language,'” Hock said.

“That’s really exciting because you get to learn something for free.”

The first step in the language learning program is a Skype chat.

In this chat, participants talk about their learning experience and the language they are trying to learn.

Participants who are comfortable in the Skype chat are then invited to try out the program on their own.

Participants in the program are invited to visit an online course where they can learn a new word.

Each participant is provided with a computer, laptop and an iPad to learn the new word and to record their own audio recordings.

Participation is free to the public and all participants must be 18 years or older.

Hock is currently working on the first language course for the program.

“This is really an opportunity to give people the opportunity to get in front of a webcam and start learning,” she said.

The program is being run by a non-profit called the Global Language Project and is supported by the New York State Department of Education.