Which is best for children in Denmark?

Language in schools: This is the best for the children of all ages, said Danish language school leader Hilde Høydel.

He added that a child can still be exposed to Danish in his/her first few years in school.

Language in other schools: A child can learn Danish at home with Danish teachers, Høydell said.

But it’s better to learn it at school, where teachers can teach more of the language.

“When I was growing up, I was taught Danish in elementary school.

It was a very special language for me,” he said.

The new Danish school system has opened in Copenhagen.

In 2018, a school was established in Lille, the largest town in Denmark.

The next school will be established in Uppsala, next year in the capital, in 2019 in Umeå.

In the future, the new school will have a total of 100 classrooms, including a large school for the deaf.

Language learning: In the coming years, new schools will open in Copenhagen, Uppsale, København and Umea.

“There will be a lot more bilingual teachers,” Høys said.

Language teachers will also be able to offer lessons in different languages.

The teachers will be able communicate in Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, German and French.

But they will also have to teach at home, because the school system is based on a single language.

So a child will learn in both Danish and English.

“We want to make sure that it’s always about learning, not about the language,” Höydeld said.