“OHC” means “Oh, Come on” in Spanish

By Daniel Fischbacher | 3 hours ago | 11:57:37This is the first time we have seen the phrase Oh Come On, which translates to “Oh My God” in English.

Oh Come on, which has become a trademark for the company, is an acronym for Oh My God, My Name is Jesus.

It means “I can’t believe it,” and it can also be used to describe a moment when you are overwhelmed by joy.

In fact, the phrase was coined by an OhC student named Lauren.

Lauren says she started using it as a joke around the year 2015, when she was in the third year of OhC’s Spanish class.

It’s actually part of a joke in OhC, which means “The Truth,” which is a parody of The Onion.

The humor is so real that it actually feels like it’s coming from the student, Lauren.

She told us that she originally thought the phrase could be a way of expressing a lack of faith in Jesus Christ.

“I think the word is just so weird and strange,” she said.

“It has nothing to do with anything.

It just came out of nowhere.”

Lauren said that OhC uses the phrase to communicate that it’s not the religion they believe in, but instead that they are all in this together.

She also said that the company also uses the term in a way that’s a bit different from the word “oh.”

Lauren says that she also uses OhC as a compliment, which can be a bit of a problem for other OhC students.

“OhC is not an anti-Christian company,” Lauren said.

“[We’re] just saying Oh C, oh c’mon.”

When Lauren first started using the phrase, she says that the first person she heard it say was a classmate.

But after she told her friends that Ohc was the company that gave her confidence, she started hearing it in other contexts.

“There’s a lot of things that I see OhC do in their advertisements and how they are marketing to students,” Lauren explained.

“And people are actually seeing it and using it.

So yeah, it does get weird when I hear it used in other places.”

Lauren’s friend, Lauren, who is also an Ohc student, told us she thinks OhC is using the quote as a way to communicate its message.

“We have so many students and OhC has so many employees and we have so much pride,” she added.

“But OhC says oh c’est la vie and they have the words oh c’t, oh, and c’my, which is really good.”

The word OhC means “It’s OK” in French.

OhC also has a Facebook page, which features posts that highlight the positive things OhC does.

Lauren said she believes that OhCo is using OhC to sell itself.

“People are using OhCo as a symbol of OhCo, as a business,” she told us.

“That’s what they want to talk about.”

Lauren told us OhCo has a “we’re so excited to share with you all” page, and that it is “coming along slowly,” but she thinks that it has the potential to be an internet sensation.

“You can’t underestimate the power of a social media campaign,” Lauren told Business Insider.

“If people want to get involved and say OhC said it, you can’t really stop them.”