When a palma language teacher was kidnapped, the rest of the world got in on the act

Palma, Spain — The kidnapping of a Palma language professor was not a small thing.

That’s because he was kidnapped by a mob in Palma de Mallorca on January 23, 2017.

Palma was a town of about 2,000 people, in southern Spain.

A mob, apparently led by a local gangster named Jose Antonio Mota, had kidnapped the professor and forced him into a taxi to return to Spain.

In a video of the abduction, you can see the taxi cab driver and Mota being carried away by a gang.

But the man who pulled the trigger, Sergio Lopes-Argueta, was not at the scene of the crime.

He was not kidnapped by the mob.

He had no part in the abduction.

And Lopes, who was then just a 20-year-old Spanish language teacher, was never seen again.

The kidnappers, known as the ‘Mota gang’, were not just the local gang.

They were also members of a larger gang called the Calle Dias gang, which had ties to organized crime.

It was a gang with ties to the Spanish mafia and that had also kidnapped a number of prominent members of Spain’s political and business elite.

It was one of those rare cases in which the kidnappers were not connected to organized criminal organizations, nor were they involved in criminal activity in the first place.

Instead, they were working as a private security company hired by the Calre Dias group, according to police and prosecutors.

What happened to Lopes?

His case has been the subject of a long-running debate in Spain and abroad.

It has been widely covered by media, politicians, and historians.

But many people who were part of the Callean Dias mob, and who had seen Lopes being carried off, did not believe he was the kidnapper.

And they did not know who the kidnapers were.

Mota was a member of the same gang that had kidnapped Mota in January.

He and the gangster were known as ‘El Mundo del Mota’, and they were notorious in the neighborhood of Palma.

They had been known to abduct women from the streets.

Lopes had already been targeted several times by Calle dias in the past.

He once was kidnapped in December 2010 by Calre dias members in the same neighborhood as the kidnappings.

They kidnapped him on the same day that a mob of the gang had attacked a church and forced a pastor to flee.

Lopes was found beaten to death on the streets of the town, with his hands bound.

And in October 2011, he was abducted in the Calme Dias neighborhood, with the gang members having broken into his house and tried to steal his phone and other possessions.

Lodes’ body was later found by police and his killers were arrested.

The Calle dos Mota gang was not just one of the larger gangs in Palme.

It had also been involved in a number other crimes.

According to the police, Mota had been implicated in several murders, and in December 2013, he and his gang members were involved in an attempted robbery of a supermarket, where they took more than 200 cash and cigarettes, and stole a van full of money.

Mota and his accomplices were convicted in the case.

And after that, Moto was arrested in November 2016.

The gangster was released on bail, but he did not return to the streets to face justice for his crimes.

And then, in November 2017, he took another step that would change his life.

Moto became a political prisoner in Spain, and was finally able to be reunited with his wife and son in Spain.

They both stayed behind and remained in contact with friends and family in Palmá.

But when they returned to Palma in September 2018, the situation was not the same.

They did not see each other.

In fact, they did no speaking with each other for more than three months.

On the first day of September 2018 and the first week of October, the couple noticed a huge problem.

There was no electricity, no water, and the electricity was unreliable.

They decided to go into hiding.

They went to a hotel in the capital, Barcelona, to stay in a hotel, and stayed there for three months, until they were able to find an apartment that was clean and free from noise.

And when they did, they found their family.

They said goodbye to their mother, and their brother and sister.

But that was just the beginning.

The couple had to leave their home in Palmaría, and they had to go to Palmaria to go and live in Palmas apartment, as well.

When they returned, they discovered that there was no apartment available for them.

The apartment was rented by a person known as a ‘mister’.

When the couple returned