English-language school has been fined for failing to report student abuse

A high school in Canada has been ordered to pay $1,000 in fines for failing as a result of a student abuse complaint.

The $1.5 million fine was announced on Tuesday after the school’s board met for more than two hours to discuss the issue, according to The Canadian Press.

It was announced that the school will be closed for a period of at least five years, and its enrolment will be reduced by about 5 per cent.

The school is located in Etobicoke, Ontario, which has a population of about 14,000 people.

A student at the school was involved in a dispute with another student over their behaviour in a school hallway.

The incident, which occurred in June 2015, was recorded on a cellphone camera.

The Canadian Press reported the student said he was punched in the face and kicked, and that his attacker was wearing a mask.

After being contacted by the media, the school released a statement that it was aware of the matter and “following the recommendations of the Canadian Police Services Act.”

“The school has an obligation to ensure that students are safe from sexual assault,” the statement read.

“In this instance, the conduct was not in line with those values and it is our hope that this case will not result in further incidents of this nature.”

It’s unclear how many students were involved in the incident, though some were also involved in other incidents, including another incident involving a boy who had been drinking.

The Toronto District School Board said the case was the result of an investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police.

The Ontario Provincial Office of Child Protection and Youth Services is also investigating the case.

A statement issued on behalf of the school said it has worked with law enforcement to ensure the safety of all students and staff and to “take any necessary measures to address the incident.”

It also said it is “committed to working with our local community to address issues of youth violence and harassment, and to support students, staff and parents who are victims of such offences.”