365 Caregiving Tips: Caring for Yourself

365 Caregiving Tips: Caring for Yourself Book Details:

Author : Trish Hughes Kreis

Release : 2020-08-20

ISBN-13 : 1716643333

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The authors of 365 Caregiving Tips: Caring for Yourself, Practical Tips from Everyday Caregivers want to encourage you to find small ways to care for yourself so you stay mentally and physically healthy while caring for your loved one and long after caregiving ends. Finding ways to care for ourselves has been critical to the well-being of all five authors and we created this book to share ways for you to care for yourself too. Keep in mind, not all the tips will fit every caregiver but every caregiver will find a tip that fits. And remember: Caregiving never takes a break but you need to. Let us help you. We are all in this together!