Me & Mr. T

Me & Mr. T Book Details:

Author : Ruth Webb

Release : 2021-01-13

ISBN-13 : 1664151532

Page : 102

This is a fictional love story of a hardworking, young woman, Janie Williams, who meet’s a no good lazy young man, Terrell Peterson, known as Mr. T. The young 25-year-old woman wants so much out of life, she had graduated High School. She had just finished her 4 years of college, at Morehouse University, with her master’s degree in Business. Janie worked so hard to achieve her heart’s desires and dreams. Terrell was raised by his single dad, Terrell, Sr., who taught him how to take from the women, he would tell his son, “let the women take care of you”, he told his son, women would do anything for you, you just have to know how to work them.