Ally Up

Ally Up Book Details:

Author : Di Ciruolo

Release : 2021-05-04

ISBN-13 : 1631954024

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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are the buzzwords of the business world, but it’s the statistics that sting: 85% of corporate executives and board members in the U.S. are white men. Companies are trying to create more inclusive workplaces by creating new policies and changing hiring practices, but they’re missing allyship. As top DEI Consultant Di Ciruolo asks readers, “Why should people care about being allies?”. The current system, she reveals, is full of blame for inequalities. It is full of shame, too, as insiders at top tech companies share eye-opening stories about what DEI is really like in Silicon Valley and beyond. But allyship isn’t about blame or shame; it’s about action. Now, Ciruolo shows why allyship is crucial for every business within Ally Up. Leaders are expected to understand systems of inequality in the workplace and beyond to promote more inclusive and higher performing teams. Ally Up is a how-to guide written with exactly those goals in mind.