Aquatic Reiki & Christ Consciousness Healing

Aquatic Reiki & Christ Consciousness Healing Book Details:

Author : Katrina Emoto

Release : 2012-03

ISBN-13 : 9781432752873

Page : 234

You are about to embark upon a wonderful journey of discovery into true healing. Aquatic Reiki & Christ Consciousness Healing is a mystical treasure and an undeniable leap towards healing-with the new golden energy of 2012 and beyond. This new healing modality introduces the revolutionary work of Katrina Emoto, accompanied by the new Christ Consciousness sacred geometrical symbols and spirit channelings from Jesus. Emoto's teachings focus on personal and collective advancement into the I AM Christ Consciousness blueprint of Divine healing and Divine being. Mrs. Emoto's teachings have gained international attention because healing with sacred water and the Christ Consciousness-puts you into the realm of miracles. The Aquatic Reiki & Christ Consciousness sacred geometrical symbols taught here in this book are the most comprehensive new golden age tools for your healing journey. These sacred symbols work with crystalline structures of both the physical and spiritual world to transform and heal at the deepest level of human DNA. These timeless teachings of Mrs. Emoto's will help you: Utilize the Christ Consciousness for healing on all levels including the soul Unlock your sacred vault of wisdom-and unleash your divine healing abilities and your sacred God given gifts Rise above all limitations-and dwell in the loving, living presence of the Christ Consciousness Strengthen your practice as an extraordinary healer and aid in your enlightenment As you harness your healing potential, you transform-opening yourself up to greater depths of healing through the Divine consciousness of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION, PEACE, JOY, INTUITION and EMPOWERMENT. Allow this book, to be a foundation for your spiritual growth as a healer. As you spiritually awaken and heal, you assist others in awakening and healing occurs for the collective consciousness. "Aquatic Reiki, Ms. Emoto's revolutionary new healing method, teaches energy healing practitioner how to incorporate the emerging 5th Dimension Christ Consciousness energies into their healing invaluable addition to any healer's modalities!" Rita Milios, Psychotherapist, Author, Healer "This type of healing brings forth the highest consciousness for healing-Christ Consciousness, which amplifies all other types of Reiki and can be used with other healing modalities. Her Jesus channelings bring forth divine wisdom and much useful universal truths for living." Shawn Randall, Channeler, Usui Reiki Master