Beyond the Separate Self

Beyond the Separate Self Book Details:

Author : Colin Drake

Release : 2014-07-11

ISBN-13 : 1312318694

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A 'Simple Guide to Awakening' by investigation of one's moment to moment experience,which leads to one becoming 'aware of awareness'. Awakening is becoming fully established in,and identified with, awareness. Here is a review by a buyer of the Kindle edition: Eckhart Tolle and Osho and many other authors, spiritual teachers and gurus are profoundly important, helpful and illuminating but Colin Drake is something else....he's significantly better at explaining spiritual awakening and how to effect enlightenment and maintain it permanently. He gives the essential facts and tries not to befuddle the reader. He is very experienced with many years of direct experience of being on the spiritual path and also crucially of enlightenment itself. This book is very important - if you are on the spiritual path then your days of seeking are over. You've arrived at journeys end. This book explains everything you need to know calmly, gently and without mystical gobbledegook to become aware of your true self.