Building a Sensory Program

Building a Sensory Program Book Details:

Author : Pat Fahey

Release : 2021-04-12

ISBN-13 : 1938469682

Page : 216

Human flavor perception is incredibly complex and impacts daily decision making in the brewery. No amount of elaborate equipment can replace the value of the human tasting experience and a sensory program can offer a powerful quality check on both your outgoing beer and beermaking process. Building a Sensory Program will discuss sensory systems, sources of bias, tasting techniques, required equipment, taster training, and panel maintenance. Learn about different testing methods, data use, and how to use sensory to respond to consumer complaints, set shelf life, adjust recipes, design new brands, and blend barrel-aged beer. There is much that a small brewery can do to improve the quality and consistency of their beer using resources already at their disposal. A thoughtful, well-designed sensory program is an essential component of brewery quality control, helping to ensure beer tastes the way it was designed, time after time. The commitment to high-quality standards set during development can help prevent flavor drift or even a costly recall. Building a Sensory Program will provide the reader with a bedrock for an intelligently designed brewery sensory program.