Love, Laughter and Tears

Love, Laughter and Tears Book Details:

Author : Candy Fury

Release : 2013-07-22

ISBN-13 : 1480903752

Page : 870

Candy Fury was born and raised in Riverside, California. She developed the love of writing as a young teen, and began to transition her skills into the world of poetry. Being raised with four brothers and one sister gave her wonderful insight, not only into her own experiences, but the lives of others around her. She has experienced everything from heartache and heartbreak through lost loves and the loss of loved ones, as well as joy and happiness through the love and faith of family and friends. We invite you to join Candy on her journey of love, laughter and tears as she guides you through her world of poetry. Candy will introduce you to the many amazing people from her life (past and present) and before you know it, you too will become part of the family. This book is a compilation of thoughts, prayers and memories to share and treasure, just like Candy cherishes each of her inspirations. Your travels here will brighten your heart, touch your soul and allow you to reflect on those in your life that are just as important to you as these people are to Candy. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a wedding, graduation or someone saying goodbye, you will experience the sincere heartfelt words that have touched Candy's heart, like we are sure it will touch yours.