Love, Laughter & Tears

Love, Laughter & Tears Book Details:

Author : Debbie Eddy

Release : 2014-11-26

ISBN-13 : 1499084013

Page : 92

Love, Laughter & Tears is a book that draws you into Debbie and Larry’s lives with a blended family of five children. You will find yourself laughing and crying as you relate. Each chapter draws you into the trials and tribulations they experienced and conquered with God’s help. They had to learn to stretch as they grew through past hurts! Nothing is impossible with their God. Their love continues to grow after 36 years of marriage. In these pages you will find: the humor of two families becoming one, the enemy attempts to destroy, helping others in time of their own needs, testimonies of the greatness of God, finding a secret place, blessings of mission trips, learning to nail rebellious grandchildren to the cross, and the Joy that does come. Debbie Eddy is an author that loves to share her heart of life’s interesting trials, with a twist of humor. She is able to express honest truth of how we humanly deal with our problems and how God uses them to train and grow us up by His spirit. People always say to her, “I came to you because you will tell me the truth, no matter how much it hurts!” Debbie has taught children and children’s workers in the local church and mission field. She has taken counseling and children’s writing courses. Debbie is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel, teaching, preaching, anointed of the Holy Spirit and moving in the God given gifts of intercession, deliverance, exhortation and prophecy.