Children with Autism and Their Allies in Action

Children with Autism and Their Allies in Action Book Details:

Author : Suman S. Joshi

Release : 2007

ISBN-13 : 9781432713065

Page : 140

Tips Unveiled Within from Experienced Professionals This book is about hope and wisdom for those dealing with autistic spectrum disorder and about a community of professionals, parents, and friends who stand together to support and learn from one another. In this book, each group gives voice to their unique viewpoint, efforts, joys, and frustrations. This book is about seeing children with autism through each community member's eyes. One thing common to all of them is the utmost respect for life, and a driving desire to help autistic children. The characters are fictional, but the information they give is based on real experience over the author's 25 years in developing educational programs for children with autism and other children with special needs. This book can be a reference for in-house workshops in schools, and as supplemental reading for introductory courses in psychology and education. It can be a resource for pediatricians, family physicians, and parents about other professionals who work with and support children with autistic spectrum disorder.