China's Great Road

China's Great Road Book Details:

Author : John Ross

Release : 2021-07

ISBN-13 : 9781899155118

Page : 266

The accumulated achievements of China since its revolution of 1949 are so great that they have now not only changed the world but must lead every socialist and progressive person to think about their relation to them. This is a situation only comparable to the way Russia's 1917 revolution transformed the world. China, after its revolution, has achieved the greatest improvement in life of by far the largest proportion of humanity of any country in human history. China's Great Road explains how China achieved this enormous step forward for humanity. The unequivocal answer the book gives is that socialism achieved this huge advance. It analyses this at numerous different levels. If the international left does not raise itself to understanding China's successful socialist development then it is lagging in understanding one of the most enormous facts in human history. China's Great Road both analyses China's reality and shows how socialists in other countries can and should learn from China.