Covid-19 Pandemic Reset, The Great Life Reset?

Covid-19 Pandemic Reset, The Great Life Reset? Book Details:

Author : Healthtechbusiness Press

Release : 2021-04-28

ISBN-13 :

Page : 200

Do you know that it could take 4 years to recover the 22 million jobs lost during Covid-19? According to the article published on Forbes.* It's not just a coincidence, instead there lies a solid reason behind it 2020 has been a tough year for all of us. Some of us lost our friends and family members, some lost their jobs, and most of us stayed as prisoners inside the walls of our own homes. We know one thing for certain: When this pandemic ends, things are not going to be the same as before. Here's what everyone thinks a post-covid world will look like: "A lot of businesses will go online." "Remote work is likely to become more common." "Robots and AI will take over the job market." The world will be completely different, and you'll have to learn to survive in it. Otherwise, others will move ahead, and you will be left behind. We have written this book for you, so you can stay updated on the changes that Covid-19 has made already or is going to make in the future, to help you prepare for the future in a better way to face challenges and grab opportunities in a post-covid economy. In this incredible encyclopedic script, you will learn exactly what Covid-19 is, how it originated, and why it has such a significant impact on the local and global economy. More importantly, I have discussed what you can do to survive and thrive in a post-Covid-19 World. You'll also find out how Covid psychology affects everyone's thinking patterns, resulting in panic, desperation, hopelessness, and despair. Knowing about Covid psychology in-depth will help you avoid stress and mental disorders and enjoy the benefits of being well ahead of anyone else. Inside the book, you'll discover: What is Covid, how it spread, and how you can stay safe and healthy while locked up inside your home How technology and industrial revolutions will influence the Post-Covid World How Covid has changed the future of every industry, from healthcare to finance to real estate, and how you can be a successful part of those industries in future Why some jobs are never coming back Why it is an optimal time for you to switch career What skills to learn to excel after the pandemic How to avoid the negative effects of Covid psychology Why your business needs to be online more than ever ... and much more. Let's gear up for success in the world after Covid-19. Just click "Buy Now" to Get Your Copy Today! * Ponciano, J. (2020, December 1). It Could Take 4 Years To Recover The 22 Million Jobs Lost During Covid-19 Pandemic, Moody's Warns. Forbes. https: //