Creativity Stepping Into Wholeness

Creativity Stepping Into Wholeness Book Details:

Author : Helen Ferrara

Release : 2021-02-12

ISBN-13 : 9781913479640

Page : 296

'What an absolutely eye-opening joy your book has been! It has made me think of creativity in a whole new light.' JESSE LYNN SMART, freelance editor, and writer 'Helen encourages the development of personal insight into creativity and a deeper understanding of the learning process. This is a book that deserves a long shelf life ...' ALEX MAIN, psychologist, Associate Professor, Murdoch University '...a good guide to making life-changes.' PETER MURNANE, author of Archways to the Infinite ... I'm allowing myself to transform in ways that nurture my creativity, so that in essence I'm also effortlessly and spontaneously celebrating creativity, which again brings feelings of unbidden joy. We are all inherently creative beings. From a very early age, however, we are influenced by the hierarchical values of society; we are taught to focus on following the rules and striving for success by measurable standards, with very little importance placed on creative expression. Creativity: Stepping into Wholeness sheds light on this rigid way of life. Combining personal experience with extensive scholarly research, Dr Helen Ferrara leads us away from the stifling rules of always 'colouring in within the lines' towards a reunion with our own creativity, our own unique beingness. By embracing and nurturing our innate creativity, we become truly free to lead more fulfilling, joyful lives. Celebrating creativity is when you let go of everything that's been holding you back and you start dancing again to your own inner music - the music of your heart.