Desert's Dawn

Desert's Dawn Book Details:

Author : B. D. Phillips

Release : 2005-08

ISBN-13 : 1420873342

Page : 211

Fifteen years ago, the residents of a small Arizona town just north of the Mexican border began to be affected by the criminal acts of a small band of survivalists, encamped approximately 50 miles south of town. Led by by a former U.S. Army officer, named Tom Roberts, dishonorably discharged, near the end of the Vietnam war, this band of survivalists, silently conducted criminal acts, such as drug running, extortion, and white slavery. Although, the local sheriff knows of their criminal acts, he never managed to gain the much needed evidence to convict Roberts and his band of survivalists. For years Roberts kept just ahead of the law in his dealings, until a beautiful district attorney by the name of Jennifer Danials manages to dig up the evidence that would finally put Roberts away. One week later, her dead body was discovered floating in a nearby river. Now, ten years later, the woman''s seventeen- year old daughter, Sheila, leads a very extraordinary life. Raised alone, by her wheelchair-bound older brother, Andrew, since she was just seven, she has excelled from a distraught young girl to a black-belt in the martial arts and an almost genius academically. Meanwhile, after fifteen years Tom Roberts has honed his skills in his shadowy acts of lawlessness. Although, the people of this town suspect him of deeds ranging in murder to abductions, his involvement in any such criminal activities are nearly impossible to prove. But even a crime boss has to retire eventually. Acting on a plan to steal twenty-five million dollars, Roberts pulls out all stops, in order to purchase a retirement refuge for himself and his survivalist companions in Mexico. Sheila Danials, her friends, and family know nothing of Roberts plans as they go about their everyday lives. But every day that brings Tom Roberts closer to his retirement...brings the Danials family closer to a showdown wi