Desert Dawn: Damnation

Desert Dawn: Damnation Book Details:

Author : Russell Paine

Release : 2005-03-01

ISBN-13 : 1411627784

Page : 220

PAPERBACK - The United States of America is not safe as crime infested streets seem to overpopulate the land. The inner cities are engulfed with battlefields, and the neighbors to the north are iching to start a war. But as one brave soldier marches on, she dicovers the real plan for this invasion on the homeless and the criminals of the state. The President wants to rebuild the world and make it his own by launching a new and powerful weapon, one that would wipe out mankind. But only the ones he feels that will fit into his plan will be protected from this killing device. But is this new plan really worth the death of millions? With pistols on her hip, and a drug lord by her side, Corp. Scarlet Skye must find a way to stop this madness and the destruction of mankind.