Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age

Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age Book Details:

Author : Joseph M. Kizza

Release : 2013-03-09

ISBN-13 : 1475729502

Page : 172

An introduction to the social and policy issues which have arisen as a result of IT. Whilst it assumes a modest familiarity with computers, the book provides a guide to the issues suitable for undergraduates. In doing so, the author prompts students to consider questions such as: * How do morality and the law relate to each other? * What should be covered in a professional code of conduct for information technology professionals? * What are the ethical issues relating to copying software? * Is electronic monitoring o employees wrong? * What are the moral codes of cyberspace? Throughout, the book shows how in many ways the technological development is outpacing the ability of our legal systems, and how different paradigms applied to ethical questions often proffer conflicting conclusions. As a result, students will find this a thought-provoking and valuable survey of the new and difficult ethical questions posed by the Internet, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.