Get on the Bus!

Get on the Bus! Book Details:

Author : D. K. Mullarky

Release : 2012-08-27

ISBN-13 : 9781475941043

Page : 110

In the moment before impact, D.K. Mullarky looked out the drivers side window of his tiny sports car and saw the right front headlight of an out of control SUV, mere inches away. The initial impact drove Mullarkys car down an embankment, where it slammed into a stand of trees. The collisions aftermath left Mullarky with a totaled vehicle and a broken body. Happy to be a survivor, Mullarky relies on his experience behind the wheel as a driverand a victimas he shares his humorous and informative guide on how to prevent idiots on the road from making other drivers a statistic. With thousands of Americans losing their lives in preventable, non-alcohol related collisions and crashes every year, one cannot help wonder why drivers are still operating their vehicles while being distracted by drinks, food, conversations, and, worse yet, cell phones. With a wry sense of humor, Mullarky wonders why drivers act like their signals are made of acid, ready to melt their fingers if they use them; tempt fate and speed on the road; drift into other lanes; ogle crashes and traffic collisions; and refuse to yield the right-of-way to emergency vehicles. Get on the Bus shares practical advice that can encourage anyone to revisit their own driving habits while it reminds that being self-focused on the road is a disaster just waiting to happen.