Political Science

The Good Country Equation

The Good Country Equation Book Details:

Author : Simon Anholt

Release : 2020-08-11

ISBN-13 : 9781523089611

Page : 240

Why doesn't the world work? Simon Anholt, TED Talk sensation and advisor to world leaders, provides a startingly straightforward solution to our greatest challenges. How is it that, despite all the experience, power, technology, money and knowledge that humanity has accumulated, we are still unable to defeat the global challenges facing us today: climate change, migration, pandemics, extremism, slavery, war, drug trafficking, poverty and inequality? Using colorful descriptions of his experiences from Afghanistan to Zambia, from Bhutan to Canada, from the Faroe Islands to Mexico and from Latvia to Mongolia, Simon Anholt, advisor to governments worldwide and creator of the Good Country Index, tells how he began finding answers to that question. What he came to realize is that the solution is twofold. We need to educate our children to be truly global citizens, to see the impact of their actions beyond their country's borders. And we need to educate countries in the same way--to realize that they're responsible not only for their own people, but for how their actions affect every living being on the planet. And, he says, we can do it in one generation--because that's all the time we have.