The Grail Tarot

The Grail Tarot Book Details:

Author : John Matthews

Release : 2007

ISBN-13 : 9781859062173

Page : 192

The Grail Tarot re-tells the fabulous grail legend - one of the most famous mysteries the world has ever known - and relates the quest for the sacred Christian relic to our desire to understand the puzzle of our own lives. Characters drawn from over 2,000 years of fascinating Grail history - including the enigmatic Knights Templar - now take their place in the Major Arcana of this superb deck, with the suits represented by the four Grail Hallows: cup, spear, sword and stone. Giovanni Caselli's stunning art is inspired by the beautiful Renaissance paintings of Piero della Francesca. When the cards of the four minor suits, and the majors, are laid face-up and side by side, each group forms a complete story, in the style of an Italian fresco.