Heaven's Command

Heaven's Command Book Details:

Author : Lexy Timms

Release : 2019-12-27

ISBN-13 :

Page : 245

I Fell not because I hated humans, but because I loved one of my own… Mara finally found the courage to open her heart and give Jon a chance, but her tentative happiness is threatened before she even gets to go on her first official date. Aleksander is gone, removed by the Council for being too lenient, and his replacement isn't willing to turn a blind eye to anything. And that's not the only thing keeping them apart. Completing her work with Richard should have made Mara happy. But her new assignment with an artist in Richmond means leaving West Virginia, and Jon, behind. Worse, the new watcher insists that Mara move in with her and Eris. Living under Irene's watchful eye is hard enough. Sharing a home with Eris makes her growing attraction to him--and his clear desire for her--inescapable. Jon may make her happy, but Eris understands her loneliness in a way that no one else can. And she's only just beginning to unravel the secrets his silence hides. Mara's wayward heart isn't the only thing troubling her. She knows she's being watched, and not just by Irene. What she doesn't know is whether her stalker was sent by the Council or by the Fallen. Either could ruin everything she's been working toward if they catch her with Jon. Can Mara stay on the Council's good side, avoid the machinations of the Fallen, and keep her unruly heart in line, all while guiding a new human to the light? Or will she stumble under the combined weights of responsibility and desire? There can be no return from a second Fall. Heaven's Command is the second book in the Great Temptations series, a slow-burn paranormal romance with a love triangle that will leave you guessing right up until the end. The Great Temptation Series is written by Lexy Timms & W.J. May. Two USA TODAY BEST SELLING AUTHORS - taking great romance from Lexy and amazon fantasy from W.J. May... it's a world you won't want to miss!