Homeschool Cursive Handwriting Handbook for Moms

Homeschool Cursive Handwriting Handbook for Moms Book Details:

Author : Kathy Mars

Release : 2020-09-09

ISBN-13 :

Page : 110

Cursive handwriting will help your kids to master the basics of cursive writing in a very fun and enjoyable way. As a mom or a teacher, this can serve as a handbook that will guide your kids on how to form and connect cursive letters via dot to dot and illustrated exercises. Writing by hand will train your kids brain to practice several skills at once including motor, touch and visual skills. Researches have proven that cursive writings help kids to recognize words, spell words and make good sentences.This worksheet is perfect for writing beginners in various grades (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th). Also, preschool and kindergartens will also found this book interesting since it contains funny and beautiful images that will fascinate them.The alphabets, words and sentences will ultimately engage your kids in a stimulating experience. What next? Go to the top right of the page and click on 'Add to cart" now! Your kids will forever appreciate you for this favor.