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I Believe in Life Before Death!

I Believe in Life Before Death! Book Details:

Author : Ronny Håkerud

Release : 2019-02-14

ISBN-13 : 1982217154

Page : 204

I want my life to be read like a good story—a story that is eventful. I want my life to be so much more than just survival. I will not feel cheated on my deathbed and think, Is this all there is? I would hope you feel the same. I would also like to be the author of my own story. This is the exact opposite of being a victim, who must live a live authored by others. Statistics show that we grow older and older, but I question the content in many people’s lives. It’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years! Many people live their lives based on old hypothesis which have been proven wrong. Through new neuroscience you will be guided to get an understanding on how the body and mind cooperates, so you can be able to fulfill your wishes and desires. Join me on a journey towards how you can create your own future.