Istqb Ctfl Practice Tests Level 2018

Istqb Ctfl Practice Tests Level 2018 Book Details:

Author : Tibor Száraz

Release : 2019-09-18

ISBN-13 : 9781693875328

Page : 246

I am Tibor Száraz, an ISTQB certified test engineer with some programming experience. Also, I am an Instructor in different IT related topics. You can find more details about me at Udemy site on the internet:✨ ISTQB CTFL Practice Tests Book: Your chance to Pass✨ RequirementsThe Course requires the ISTQB foundation level (basic) knowledge.✨ ContentsThis book contains the latest practice tests, 40 Questions, and explanations for you to master the ISTQB CTFL tests like a pro.✨ Practice the ISTQB exam before the real exam.Now you can practice the ISTQB CTFL (Certified Tester Foundation Level) in time before the real exam. You can do so right at home without having to go anywhere and purchase any material physically. This book will have enough practice tests and questions for you to master the art of CTFL. And, the book will eventually help you get through with any CTFL exam with ease. If that is what you are looking for, this is the book you need.With this book, you can practice the latest CTFL practice tests in real-time, duration (1 hour), and a passing score (65%). The tests will improve your ISTQB knowledge, making it easy for you to pass. We have set the credentials in a way that the tests look real, and you prepare yourself well ahead of the real exam. Now this is something, isn't it?✨Why ISTQB ❔With ISTQB certification, you will be recognized all over the world. Because you will be following the same Code of Ethics that is followed around the globe. Furthermore✅ You will get the "ISTQB® Certified Tester" tag.✅ Improve your skills and increase your knowledge of software testing.✅ Increase your earnings with a better market worldwide.✅ Your career will get a boost with more and more opportunities as you gain experience.✨ Who should choose the ISTQB exams ❔The certification is for professionals that need to gain more practical know-how of the rules of software testing. ISTQB foundation certification is for all types of IT professionals, managers, engineers, designers, consultants, analysts, and user acceptance testers. ISTQB Foundation Level Certification also helps the higher management such as business analysts, software development managers, quality managers, project managers, management consultants, and IT directors.If you are one of them or want to be one of them with perfect knowledge of software testing, then get the book now, prepare yourself for the CTFL exams and get the all needed logo. Moreover, the certification is for a lifetime, so it is certainly not a bad investment.✨ How does book help ❔This book includes practice tests, questions, and explanations, all prepared keeping in eye the average student potential. The book contains practice tests that are exactly the same as real exams, be it the difficulty levels, duration, number of questions, or the passing score. Training through this book will give you an opportunity to improve knowledge of the subject and pass the exam comfortably. Training through this book will give you enough practice and confidence before going into the exam. If prepared through this book, we guarantee that the majority is going to pass the real exam in the first attempt.✨ Eligibility CriteriaProfessionals eligible for the course are✅Test Engineers✅Consultants✅Designers✅CTFL testers✅All students of the ISTQB foundation level exam.If you are one of the professionals or a student who wants to take the opportunity and get a name for themselves, go ahead and get the book now. This is your chance for a better and consistent future.Meta Description: This book is designed for students attempting to go for the ISTQB CTFL exam. With the latest practice tests, you can prepare in the best way possible.