Learn R Programming in 1 Day

Learn R Programming in 1 Day Book Details:

Author : Krishna Rungta

Release : 2019-09-10

ISBN-13 : 9781692035501

Page : 394

R is a programming language developed is widely used for statistical and graphical analysis. It can execute advance machine learning algorithms including earning algorithm, linear regression, time series, statistical inference. R programming language is used by Fortune 500 companies and tech bellwethers like Uber, Google, Airbnb, Facebook, Apple. R provides a data scientist tools and libraries (Dplyr) to perform the 3 steps of analysis 1) Extract 2) Transform, Cleanse 3) Analyze. Table of Contents Chapter 1: What is R Programming Language? Introduction & Basics Chapter 2: How to Download & Install R, RStudio, Anaconda on Mac or Windows Chapter 3: R Data Types, Arithmetic & Logical Operators with Example Chapter 4: R Matrix Tutorial: Create, Print, add Column, Slice Chapter 5: Factor in R: Categorical & Continuous Variables Chapter 6: R Data Frame: Create, Append, Select, Subset Chapter 7: List in R: Create, Select Elements with Example Chapter 8: R Sort a Data Frame using Order() Chapter 9: R Dplyr Tutorial: Data Manipulation(Join) & Cleaning(Spread) Chapter 10: Merge Data Frames in R: Full and Partial Match Chapter 11: Functions in R Programming (with Example) Chapter 12: IF, ELSE, ELSE IF Statement in R Chapter 13: For Loop in R with Examples for List and Matrix Chapter 14: While Loop in R with Example Chapter 15: apply(), lapply(), sapply(), tapply() Function in R with Examples Chapter 16: Import Data into R: Read CSV, Excel, SPSS, Stata, SAS Files Chapter 17: How to Replace Missing Values(NA) in R: na.omit & na.rm Chapter 18: R Exporting Data to Excel, CSV, SAS, STATA, d104 File Chapter 19: Correlation in R: Pearson & Spearman with Matrix Example Chapter 20: R Aggregate Function: Summarise & Group_by() Example Chapter 21: R Select(), Filter(), Arrange(), Pipeline with Example Chapter 22: Scatter Plot in R using ggplot2 (with Example) Chapter 23: How to make Boxplot in R (with EXAMPLE) Chapter 24: Bar Chart & Histogram in R (with Example) Chapter 25: T Test in R: One Sample and Paired (with Example) Chapter 26: R ANOVA Tutorial: One way & Two way (with Examples) Chapter 27: R Simple, Multiple Linear and Stepwise Regression [with Example] Chapter 28: Decision Tree in R with Example Chapter 29: R Random Forest Tutorial with Example Chapter 30: Generalized Linear Model (GLM) in R with Example Chapter 31: K-means Clustering in R with Example Chapter 32: R Vs Python: What's the Difference? Chapter 33: SAS vs R: What's the Difference?