Michigan's Haunted Nightlife

Michigan's Haunted Nightlife Book Details:

Author : Nicole Bray

Release : 2009

ISBN-13 : 9780764333200

Page : 160

Take a haunted tour of Michigan's nightlifeespecially if you like the company of ghosts! Visit the state's most haunted restaurants such as the Trattoria Stella, nestled inside a former insane asylum. Spend time in Nunica, where a small-town bar serves more than just the usual spirits! Relax with resident ghosts in the Regent Theater where a ghostly usher still shines his flashlight along the theater isles or take a chilling tour of Detroit's haunted Symphony Orchestra Hall where a ghostly figure keeps an eye on rehearsals. Visit actor Jeff Daniels' spirit-filled Purple Rose Theater to interact with a feisty ghost who moves stage props. Whether your idea of nightlife is a haunted restaurant, a spirited bar, a spooky theater, or an overnight stay with tortured souls in a World War II submarine, this book is must for your paranormal library!