The Moving Picture Girls in War Plays

The Moving Picture Girls in War Plays Book Details:

Author : Laura Lee Hope

Release : 2007-12-01

ISBN-13 : 1421896583

Page : 200

There, I think I have everything in that I'll need at Oak Farm. "Everything! Good gracious, Ruth, how quickly you pack! Why, I've oceans and oceans of things yet to go into my trunk! Oh, there are my scout shoes. I've been looking everywhere for them. I'll need them if I do any hiking in those war scenes," and Alice DeVere dived under a pile of clothing, bringing to light a muddy, but comfortable, pair of walking shoes. "I don't know what I'd do without them," she murmured. "Alice!" cried Ruth, her sister, and the shocked tone of her voice made the younger girl look up quickly from the contemplation of the shoes. "Why, what have I done now?" came in rather injured accents. "I'm sure I didn't use any slang; and as for not having all my things packed as quickly as you, why, Ruth, my dear, you must remember that you are an exception-the one that proves the rule."