Move to the Next Level

Move to the Next Level Book Details:

Author : Olatunde Adepoju

Release : 2007-05-22

ISBN-13 : 1469118351

Page : 77

The bible in II Corinthians 3:18, says we go from glory to glory. God expects us as His children to move from one level of glory to another. In other words, we are not expected to be stagnant in our Christian walk. The book, Move to the Next Level talks about the five levels every Christian must go through in their Christian walk; what to do to move from one level to the next. The five levels will prepare us for heaven and for the second coming of Christ. Great prophets and men of God went through these stages. Particular reference is made to Abraham, the father of faith, Paul the Apostle, the apostles of Jesus Christ who became martyrs for the sake of the gospel and many others.