Number Tracing in Jungle

Number Tracing in Jungle Book Details:

Author : Irina Lungeanu

Release : 2021-03-08

ISBN-13 : 9781678081270

Page : 62

Take your child on an exciting journey through all the numbers from 1 to 10 By now, your kids might already know how to count to 10, and some might be able to write those numbers on their own. The book contains over 50+ pages of tracing activities to help your kids master number writing and fully comprehend the sequence of numbers. With the book's structured exercises, your kids will be familiarized with the respective pencil guidance by copying the number, then eventually freely write the numbers without pre-drawn lines. Of course, auxiliary lines are provided to help correctly position the numbers. The learning process is lined with as many successes as possible to boost your child's motivation to learn.