Texas Land Survey Maps for Medina County

Texas Land Survey Maps for Medina County Book Details:

Author : Gregory A. Boyd

Release : 2010-05-20

ISBN-13 : 9781420351002

Page : 284

284 pages with 75 maps An indispensable book for any researcher interested in Medina County's history or land (or both), or its first landowners after Texas's Independence from Mexico. Each book in this series is laid out into multiple maps using a 6 mile high by 4 mile wide grid.This book contains 70 Survey maps laid out within this grid. Each Land Survey Map shows the boundaries of original parcels laid out over existing roads, railroads, waterways. These are shown as well as the original Survey-Name and the Abstract Number assigned by the Texas General Land Office to the instrument that gave ownership to that parcel. Here are a number of details about our Medina County book . . . Supplemental Maps Included (in addition to the primary Survey Maps) . . . - Where Medina County Lies Within the State (Map A) - Medina County and its Surrounding Counties (Map B) - An Index Map showing where each of the Land Survey Maps are within Medina County (Map C) - An Index Map that builds upon Map C and shows the community-center points in relationship to the county-grid (Map D) - An Index Map that builds upon Map C and shows cemeteries listed in the USGS database in relationship to the county-grid (Map E) Primary Indexes (apart from each Survey-Map's own index of survey-names) - An All-Name Index (alphabetical by last-name) for every person mentioned in the maps, utilizing both Texas General Land Office and Texas Railroad Commission data. - The Abstract Listing: this is where you find the real details behind each parcel of land.Items are listed by Abstract Number What Cities and Towns are in Medina County, Texas (and in this book)? Bader, Biry, Castroville, Coal Mine, Devine, DHanis, Dunlay, Flatrock Crossing, Hondo, La Coste, Mico, Natalia, New Fountain, Noonan, Pearson, Quihi, Riomedina, Valdina Farms, Yancey