The Adversary

The Adversary Book Details:

Author : Michael Walters

Release : 2012-05-15

ISBN-13 : 1849165769

Page : 352

For more than twenty years a hidden hand has ruled the backstreets of Ulan Baatar, but now Muunokhoi, the once untouchable head of the Mongolia's largest and most powerful criminal empire, has finally been caught. It should be the Serious Crime Team's finest hour. But nothing is ever that simple in the new Mongolia. When Muunokhoi's trial starts to collapse, Nergui and Doripalam - the ex-head of the Team and his one-time protégé - are forced to acknowledge that something rotten lies at the heart of the organization they have dedicated their lives to. With the crime lord's acquittal impending, and his revenge a cold certainty, Nergui and Doripalam are not even sure they can trust each other.