The Global Village

The Global Village Book Details:

Author : Joan F. Marques

Release : 2005-01-01

ISBN-13 : 1418483362

Page : 108

Joan Marques has personified making a difference and establishing change throughout her personal and professional life. After a successful media career in South America, she reinvented herself by moving to California, and embarking on a journey of education enhancement and knowledge sharing. Dr. Marques facilitates various university courses in Business, Leadership, and Management, and writes for audiences around the globe. "The Global Village" entails a short story of a young woman who learned from a very young age on what the importance was of having a globally adaptable mindset. The book explains, through lessons this woman got from her great grandfather, and the implementation of those lessons as she grew up to become an entrepreneur, how one can achieve success by first formulating what success means to him or her, and then living up to achieve it. The main message in this book is, that globalization and its consequences such as offshoring, are unstoppable, and not necessarily the threat many perceive them to be these days. Molded in an easily readable and understandable way, this important message should not only be seen as an encouraging note to everyone who lives and works in today's fast evolving living and working environment, but even more as an internal and external guide in obtaining a changed mindset in a changing world.