The Ultimate Read-Aloud Resource

The Ultimate Read-Aloud Resource Book Details:

Author : Lester L. Laminack

Release : 2016-07-08

ISBN-13 : 9781338109252

Page : 128

In this book, award-winning children’s author and acclaimed educator Lester L. Laminack provides guidelines, lessons, and resources for making every read-aloud experience intentional and instructional. Central to Laminack’s message is his breakthrough thinking about the value and importance of "Best Friend Books” - a small, carefully curated collection that you turn to repeatedly for specific teaching purposes. You’ll also find: - Step by step lessons for "first visits” and "return visits” with recommended Best Friend Books--clear guidelines for digging deeply into the books and enriching students’ understanding of content and craft. - Links to an online resource bank that contains "Spotlight on Lester” videos and graphic organizers for you and downloadables for your students. - "What the Research Says” boxes that point to studies supporting Laminack’s professional advice. - A list of Laminack’s favorite Best Friend Books to date, annotated and alphabetically organized. - "Home Visit” boxes that contain tips and tools for welcoming families into the work