Upping Your Elvis

Upping Your Elvis Book Details:

Author : Chris Barez-Brown

Release : 2021-03-25

ISBN-13 : 1913532658

Page : 130

Upping Your Elvis is best described as a big energetic boost in a book. Learn how we're not naturally designed for business and how we spend far too much energy trying to fit in with its needs rather than the other way around. We're fish out of water-and it's sucking the life out of us. Packed full of simple tips and behaviours that will transform the way you show up, Chris Barez-Brown's latest book helps people understand what makes them tick, liberating them from the restrictive systems of traditional business and opening their eyes to a new way of working and living. This is the handbook to help you find your inner Elvis, that special mix of authenticity, energy, focus, talent and courage that is unique to you.