Dream Diary Notebook for Recording

Dream Diary Notebook for Recording Book Details:

Author : Fajali Books

Release : 2021-02-13

ISBN-13 :

Page : 120

This dream journal contains space for you to document and explore the dreams that come to you during the night. Analyze your dreams and track sleep quality to give you additional insight. All while having fun and dreaming big!Dream journaling is a fun way to:-- Work on memory retention and problem solving--Track and retain valuable information and insight discovered through dreams.-- Foster creativity--By tapping into our nightly dreams, we are able to access an unending well of creativity that can be used as a springboard for art, writing, and other projects.-- Process emotions--The act of writing down our dreams along with our feelings allows us to tap into our deep-rooted emotions, such as anxieties or excitement, and work toward resolutions.-- Track sleep quality--This journal designates space to allow you to record your night's sleep quality, such as how long you slept and how rested you felt upon waking.For more books click on the author's name.